Month: February 2013

Substantial Salad- The Cobb


I love being creative when it comes to salads.  Sometimes its difficult to find a salad that doesn’t leave you feeling really hungry a half an hour later.  Usually adding protein of some sort like chicken, salmon, eggs or tuna can help to make your greens a little more substantial.  This salad is full of tons of yummy ingredients and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied for a good portion of the day.


Mixed greens/cherry tomatoes/avocado/Stilton cheese/chopped bacon/grilled chicken breast (chopped)


olive oil/ greek yogurt/ balsamic vinegar/ dijon mustard/ salt & pepper/ honey

The Best Eggs Benedict in the city


Le Petit Dejeuner

Le Petit Dejeuner gets name-checked in just about every conversation I’ve ever had about eggs benedict, with anyone taking an interest in the subject in this city. The menu varies the standard benny with alternative Eggs Benjamin (smoked salmon), Veronique (onions and peppers), and the ubiquitous veggie Florentine.

BOOM Breakfast

A whole section of the menu called “Benny Sent Me” puts paid any concerns about BOOM’s dedication to the benny art. Now serving salmon, chicken, spinach or peameal variations on the classic at any of their three locations in the city (St. Clair, Eglinton, or Little Italy).


Trout and breakfast are not two words I commonly put together, but at Swan, smoked trout does indeed take the place of the usual salmon alternative on the benny. Offered up by this retro Queen West favourite, that’s definitely not something you see anywhere else.

Dr. Generosity

Deep in Bloor West, Dr. G’s Eggs Benny appears Monday to Friday on the weekday lunch menu. A few other benedict variations coming out to play on the weekend for brunch. Eggs Dostoyefsky does the usual salmon swap-out under a different name (Benjamin, Noreweigian and Blackstone are other popular handles for the salmon alternative).


Eggs benedict looks lonely, huddled in the middle of an oversize Brassaii plate, but the hollandaise lives on the creamier side of the butter/citrus debate (my preference). At $12 I would call the meal pricey for what you get, but it offers a solid start to any morning.


Disgraceland’s aptly-named Heart Attack Benny makes this place king among the Ossingtonian stomping grounds, and that particular meal ($13 taxes in, cash only) is a monument to heart-stopping decadence, for anyone who wants to eat a meal and then be unable to walk for several hours.

Le Select Bistro

Le Select pairs its benedict’s hollandaise sauce with hollandaise’s old running mate, the asparagus. It also does that thing that all the trendy places are trying these days – tossing the traditional English muffin in favour of an open-faced croissant. Yum.

Fire on the East Side

A personal favourite, Fire on the East side’s benny makes use of God’s greatest substance (pulled pork) in place of the usual peameal, and the result is utter sinful divinity.

The Tulip

Take it from one who knows – the next time you have a hangover, get thee to the Tulip and order their brassy, classy benedict. Problem solved.

The Drake

Don’t let the Drake’s holier-than-thou attitude get you down! The eggs benedict is a fetching take on the stable classic, and if you can stand the noise, the free wi-fi could keep you enjoying your table seating for most of a lazy morning.


This spot does the croissant thing too, but the real hidden delight of Czehoski’s benedict is in the complete absence of a ham element at all – you’ll choose between salmon, spinach, or best of all, brie. Putting brie to egg and hollandaise ain’t for the faint-hearted, but if it’s rich you’re after, you’ll find no richer. Delicious.

Joy Bistro

Joy indeed, as benny after benny adorns Joy Bistro’s brunch menu, including an actual Eggs Joy. Try the Eggs Teddy (peameal, spinach, roasted tomatoes, grilled onion) for a pricey, but worth it, treat.

The scoop on… Mango Allergies


Mango rinds contain an oil, called urushiol, that occasionally causes skin irritation. Although it is relatively common for people to develop rashes after coming into contact with urushiol, it is minimally present in the actual mango flesh. Few people develop similar rashes from eating mango fruit.

What Happens

A rash that occurs as a result of a substance coming into contact with your skin is called contact dermatitis. Mango rinds emit allergens that cause contact dermititis in certain people. In the case of a mango reaction, an itchy rash usually presents oozing blisters that develop a few hours after contact and last for several days.

How To Treat It

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs, nutritionists at the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii, recommend using a soap called Zanfel on the affected area. If this isn’t available, an oral antihistamine or topical steroid cream may provide quick relief for a minor rash. Place a cold compress on it to reduce swelling and reduce the pain of any blistered skin. If your rash is severe or troubling, get medical help. You may need antibiotics or a prescription steroidal treatment.

Avoiding Mango Reactions

If you have experienced a rash from touching a mango rind, you obviously should avoid touching mango rinds. In addition, stay away from people, animals and objects that have recently been in contact with them. Washing hands and garden tools with soap and water will usually remove the allergens sufficiently.

Do I Have To Avoid Eating Mango?

The mango has become highly popular, and it is used in many common fruit juices and snack foods. If you have never had a reaction after eating something that contained mango, then you can probably eat it without a problem, as long as the sap from the rind is handled carefully. If someone else cuts the mango for you, make sure the knife that cut through the rind is immediately washed, and that the mango is rinsed to remove any urushiol residue.

Other Possible Allergens

People who are sensitive to mango rind are often also highly sensitive to sumac, poison ivy, poison oak and/or latex. If you have experienced an allergic reaction to one or more of these things, you might benefit from having an allergy test to find out if you are allergic to the others.

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Product Review- Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolour


I received this Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolour in a swag bag a few months ago and was reluctant to try it out and veer away from my usual lip go to products.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the long lasting, vibrant colour from this affordable Covergirl product.  This double ended colour stick allows you to blend the cream colour and the shimmer together as you wish to create a unique blend to suit your style.  I like to apply them separately for a more subtle shimmer during the day and a bold, pop-out colour for a night out.  The next time you’re looking for an affordable, all day lip colour- Try this out.


My Oscar Favorites

The Oscars are such a glamorous event, filled with expensive gowns, flashy jewellery and the finest champagne.  I love watching the Red Carpet coverage for the first glimpse of the stunning dresses and accessories of the evening.  Have a look below at my top choices for outstanding Red Carpet Oscar moments.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage