Month: January 2015

What I wore {Winter Fashion}

These winter months seem to get longer and colder every year.  Layers upon layers of cozy fabrics happen to be one of my favourite fashion trends, so there is one positive to this chilly season.  This wool scarf from H&M is a staple piece in my winter wardrobe… super warm and comfy.

The Breakdown:

Glasses- JOE

Jacket- Fuchs Schmitt {Value Village find}

Scarf- H&M

Grey cotton tee- Old Navy

Black textured tights- JOE

Boots- Steve Madden { Secondhand find}

Gloves- London Fur {Secondhand find}

Bag- Halston Heritage

photo 5

photo 4-3photo 2-6

photo 3-4

Protect those paws: {PawTector}

PawTector is a all-natural wax based blend. PawTector is specially formulated to protect soft and delicate paw pads against the elements, such as heat, cold, sand, salt, and snow. PawTector acts as a nourishing barrier against the elements for precious paw pads. For no-mess application, unscrew the cap, twist the bottom up, and glide the product directly over your dog’s paw pads.
Dogs are born with incredibly smooth paw pads. It’s all of the wear and tear your dog’s paws undergo that makes them rough to the touch. Imagine if you walked around without shoes all day. Your feet need an extra layer of protection, which is why we wear shoes. PawTector provides the layer of protection your dog needs for their paws, either on the sand, snow, warm asphalt, or wherever your dog enjoys exploring most.71a821bbbaf974f7653ae413d7b8184f

Does your dog like to lick their paws? PawTector is made with 100% safe and carefully sourced vegan ingredients. This company takes the health and wellbeing of your dog very seriously, meaning there are no harmful ingredients in any of these natural dog products.

If your doggy’s paws are not soft to the touch, you will want to first apply the sister product, Paw Soother. Paw Soother is specially formulated to heal already damaged paw pads.

Paw Soother and PawTector work best as a team to heal and protect your dog’s sensitive paw pads. The majority of Paw Soother’s ingredients are selected for their healing and soothing properties. Dogs that have rough, dry, or damaged paw pads need Paw Soother to heal and develop soft, healthy paws.

Once your dog’s paw pads are soft as new leather they will need the added protection of PawTector to retain this new smooth quality. While Paw Tector is incredibly nourishing, the majority of PawTector’s ingredients are selected to act as a barrier for healthy paws against sand, heat, snow, and other elements regularly encountered by curious canines.

Pair the healing strength of Paw Soother with the protective barrier provided by PawTector, and your dog will have the nicest paws in town! Plus, even if your dog decides to lick their paws and consume some, they will be just fine.

Also try the Snout Soother that is perfect for those dry, cracked snouts.

Get yours today at

The cold cure {Ginger Fireball}


I know it’s hard to believe and sad to admit, but these cold days are here to stay for a little while longer.  I’ve been lucky so far and I have a strong feeling that it’s all thanks to my homemade flu fighting remedy “The Ginger Fireball”


Fresh Ginger/ 2 teaspoons of honey/ 3 teaspoons of lemon juice/ water

Peel and blend one large piece of ginger (roughly the size of the bottom piece in the image above) in a blender with lemon juice.

Add honey and boiling water and stir.

Bundle up and Enjoy!

Save your stilettos: Instant tip fix

76736a59d429437bdd21c48ff04fe2af So it’s recently come to my attention that my a few of my favourite heels are starting to wear from nights of dancing in my stilettos.  Some ladies decide that one the heel is worn, it’s time to donate them and buy a fresh new pair.  So let me get this straight… it takes months and sometimes even years to break in a new pair of shoes, only to give them away when they are finally comfortable?  Well, I wont be subject to the madness… not for one more minute.  After a little bit of research, I’ve discovered that most leather and shoe repair shops will simply replace your heel tips for under $10.  Have a look below at these instant heel caps that are perfect to carrying in your purse for a quick heel fix. Heel tips can be ordered bulk online and are available at most department stores as well.  By simply removing the existing tip with a pair of pliers, the new tip will tap right on with a hammer. The next time you want to dance the night away in your favourite stilettos… Go for it ladies! Fix that tip in the morning. 6ad174118fce3a9374986664065b8b8c8bb026035c22c81a443d244d106977e4

Blend it: Pineapple coconut vitamin C smoothie


This creamy, indulgent-tasting, and super-simple vegan smoothie boasts a big boost of vitamin C.


1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks
1  banana
3/4 cup light coconut milk
1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice


Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve with a straw.



Garbage room diaries…. Excuse to buy more shoes- edition

Well… if you’re anything like me, you can’t possibly have enough pairs of fabulous shoes.  My latest garbage find will help to organize my collection neatly, by colour and style.  This cast iron shoe rack is in perfect condition and fits perfectly into my closet.  Another amazing garbage find, that is incredibly useful and will come in very handy for years to come.