Where to go: Toronto {Introducing Furlough}

Tin ceilings, marble bars, vintage paintings, fresh oysters… mixed with my favourite place to drink {Bar Chef}

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you… Furlough

I know I’ve raved before about BarChef and my long complicated relationship with the Hickory smoked Manhattan.  Once the word travelled around the city about this hip little bar with a speakeasy vibe, it became more and more difficult to obtain a seat.  It was the place to be, from the molecular cocktails to the hand chipped ice block… it was all about the details.

Furlough is the place to be, any night of the week.  Serving a mixture of small and large plates, including a platter of East Coast oysters, a pillowy pain au lait roll stuffed with foie gras and caramelized apples; and a creamy squid ink risotto with seared scallops.  It doesn’t end there… Furlough’s cocktail list is divided into 16 spirit-forward classics and 16 original recipes that make use of house made syrups, bitters and booze-soaked fruit.  They also have a short wine list, eclectic microbrews and absinthe.  With weekend brunch service scheduled to start this spring.  This is the spot to watch for 2015 in Toronto. Get there.

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