Save your stilettos: Instant tip fix

76736a59d429437bdd21c48ff04fe2af So it’s recently come to my attention that my a few of my favourite heels are starting to wear from nights of dancing in my stilettos.  Some ladies decide that one the heel is worn, it’s time to donate them and buy a fresh new pair.  So let me get this straight… it takes months and sometimes even years to break in a new pair of shoes, only to give them away when they are finally comfortable?  Well, I wont be subject to the madness… not for one more minute.  After a little bit of research, I’ve discovered that most leather and shoe repair shops will simply replace your heel tips for under $10.  Have a look below at these instant heel caps that are perfect to carrying in your purse for a quick heel fix. Heel tips can be ordered bulk online and are available at most department stores as well.  By simply removing the existing tip with a pair of pliers, the new tip will tap right on with a hammer. The next time you want to dance the night away in your favourite stilettos… Go for it ladies! Fix that tip in the morning. 6ad174118fce3a9374986664065b8b8c8bb026035c22c81a443d244d106977e4

Product Review: Lancome Visionnaire Advanced skin corrector


Lancome you’ve done it again…

I recently purchased this new serum from Lancome after reading endless fabulous reviews.  My skin is my most important accessory and I strive to keep it looking young and fresh.  After one week of applying this serum under my nightly moisturizer, my skin feels better than it’s ever felt.  It instantly shrinks pores and eliminates fine lines, leaving your skin looking youthful and bright.

What it is:
An antiaging skin corrector for more beautiful skin.

What it is formulated to do:
More than a wrinkle-corrector, this product is capable of fundamentally re-creating more beautiful skin. The first skincare product with LR 2412, a molecule designed to propel through skin layers, it triggers a cascading series of micro-transformations along its path. On the surface, wrinkles and pores are visibly corrected. Imperfections like signs of UV damage and acne marks appear diminished.

What else you need to know:
This product is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and dermatologist-tested for safety. It is internationally awarded, clinically proven on multiple ethnicities, and a bestselling fast-acting serum. Much more than a wrinkle-corrector, this is the first skincare capable of fundamentally re-creating more beautiful skin and the first skincare with LR 2412, a molecule designed to propel through skin layers.

Research results:
In a consumer evaluation of women, tempted by hyaluronic acid, laser, or chemical peeling:
– 1 out of 2 women tempted by a cosmetic procedure decided to postpone it

Based on self-assessment after 1 week of use:
– 79% of women tested saw a smoother skin texture

Based on a clinical study:
– Wrinkles and pores were visibly corrected; imperfections like signs of UV damage and acne marks appeared diminished

Product Review: CORALista by Benefit


I purchased Benefit’s CORALista last week… I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but I was waiting until my Chanel blush bit the dust.  When you spend $40 dollars on blush, you want to get every last morsel out of that darn compact.  It’s a lightly warmed up coral-pink powder blush that works well to give you a soft, summery flush.  I’m always drawn to the packaging of Benefit products and this one stood out to me.  It comes complete with a brush, my only complaint is that the brush is sitting on top of the blush and tends to leave indentations in the product so I store mine separately.

What’s really fantastic about this shade of blush is it goes on extremely natural–you get a soft, glowy sheen with just a touch of coral color. It’ll instantly brighten up your complexion, and it is such a great product for summer when less is definitely more. There is a bit of a floral fragrance that’ll sneak out of the box each time you open it, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance, that might be a reason to check it out before you purchase.



High heel advice: We all want it


When it comes to looking stylish, nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels. Heels make your legs look longer, your body look slimmer, and your whole outfit just a little more polished. Unfortunately, for many women, they also make your feet hurt something awful! Thank shoe designers’ propensity for pointy toes, spindly heels, and narrow silhouettes for your aching post-heel feet. And while according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, you should get rid of any shoes that cause any discomfort, the fashionista in you likely finds that hard to comply with. That’s why you need strategies to help you make your high heels work for you, not against you. Read on for tips on wearing your high heels comfortably (or at least more comfortably).

Buy the right size:

 Sure, seems obvious, but when’s the last time you got measured when you bought shoes? Podiatrists know that feet can grow larger as we get older (and pregnancy can result in longer or wider feet, too). That’s why it’s crucial to have your feet measured every time you buy shoes. Make sure there’s a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the front of the shoe, to give your toes room to move. For heels, this means you may need to go up a size to get a comfortable fit.
Stick to round toes. Lucky for us, round-toed shoes are back in style this season! Where pointy toes can wrench your big toe inward, causing joint pain, crunched toes, and even the beginnings of bunions, round toes allow your toes to lie flat and spread out naturally. That makes for much more comfort. And if you can’t swear off your pointy toes completely? Have some round-toed shoes to alternate with the pointy ones.

Don’t go too high:

Podiatrists agree that a heel of one to two inches is a good choice for comfort and foot health. And with kitten heels still such a big look, that’s great news. Avoid three- or four-inch heels, which put undue pressure on the ball and bones in the front of your foot.

Tailor your width:

Sometimes the toe isn’t the problem — it’s the width. Many fashion shoes come in a standard medium width. But if you have wide feet, medium-width shoes will feel uncomfortable. When you find a pair of shoes you love, see if they come in a wide width; if not, a shoemaker can usually stretch the shoes to widen the toe box, enhancing the comfort of the shoe.

Cushion up:

When you have the shoe size and style right, it’s time to think about cushioning. Many fashion shoes come with less-than-adequate cushioning on the area you need it most: right under the ball of your foot. Especially when you’re wearing heels, which shifts your weight fully onto the ball of your foot, ample cushioning will help your feet stay comfy. If your shoes don’t have enough, consider adding some with a shoe insert. A brand called Foot Petals makes Tip Toes ($6.95), a flower-shaped insert that provides great cushioning.


Wearing heels for many days in a row can make your feet feel ravaged. To maintain some comfort, switch between heels and a flatter pair of shoes. Although heels elongate your legs when you’re wearing a skirt, they are less important when you are wearing trousers, so give feet a rest on those days.