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Save your stilettos: Instant tip fix

76736a59d429437bdd21c48ff04fe2af So it’s recently come to my attention that my a few of my favourite heels are starting to wear from nights of dancing in my stilettos.  Some ladies decide that one the heel is worn, it’s time to donate them and buy a fresh new pair.  So let me get this straight… it takes months and sometimes even years to break in a new pair of shoes, only to give them away when they are finally comfortable?  Well, I wont be subject to the madness… not for one more minute.  After a little bit of research, I’ve discovered that most leather and shoe repair shops will simply replace your heel tips for under $10.  Have a look below at these instant heel caps that are perfect to carrying in your purse for a quick heel fix. Heel tips can be ordered bulk online and are available at most department stores as well.  By simply removing the existing tip with a pair of pliers, the new tip will tap right on with a hammer. The next time you want to dance the night away in your favourite stilettos… Go for it ladies! Fix that tip in the morning. 6ad174118fce3a9374986664065b8b8c8bb026035c22c81a443d244d106977e4

Garbage room diaries…. Excuse to buy more shoes- edition

Well… if you’re anything like me, you can’t possibly have enough pairs of fabulous shoes.  My latest garbage find will help to organize my collection neatly, by colour and style.  This cast iron shoe rack is in perfect condition and fits perfectly into my closet.  Another amazing garbage find, that is incredibly useful and will come in very handy for years to come.


Garbage room decor… Before & After

I know I’ve been luckier than most when it comes to garbage finds.  I often get asked what the secret is?  Well, I don’t know that there is a secret… I guess the secret is commitment.  It also helps that I live in a nice condo building and evidently the people in my building like to throw away perfectly good things that they no longer have use for.  That’s where I come in… and my commitment to checking the garbage room on a daily basis.  Ok, I’ll admit it… I have a garbage chute, therefore I really have no business going down to the garbage room unless I have large boxes or an excess amount of glass bottles.  I do like wine… and the glass bottles do tend to add up. So on occasion I actually enter the garbage/recycle room with something to offer.  The remainder of nights, I just can’t resist.  It just so happens that I take my dog out before bed every night, so what’s one more stop along the way?  Mosey knows exactly where we’re going and I’m certain that she likes it.  Really, when you think about it… it’s kind of like a store that’s open 24 hours with no line-ups and an endless return policy.

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform an item that would otherwise be overlooked and left as trash. Have a look at a couple of my before and after transformations.

img_0270 Beforeimg_0305 After10806396_614953878608702_2705219897501008530_n Before10424310_614953855275371_3925120401454948936_nAfter

Garbage Room Diaries: Apple edition


I know… this is getting ridiculous. Like seriously people…

I scooped up this amazing garbage find last week.  I’ve always wanted one of these i Home docking stations and better yet, they included the i pod.  Fully loaded with a great mix of music of all eras and genres.  Not to mention the two chargers and three pretty classic DVD’s.  Okay… maybe not 27 dresses, but I couldn’t just leave it there all alone!


Garbage room diaries… My latest finds

I was lucky on my trip to the garbage room yesterday.  I managed to find this really cool salt rock lamp in perfect working condition.  It just so happens to fit perfectly in the shelving unit that I found in the garbage last year.  My bedroom is basically made up completely of garbage finds, other than my bed because that’s just gross.  I also spotted this handy little rhyming dictionary, I’ve been known to write a poem or two and this will make rhyming a little easier.  10639528_572316306205793_4178150911992356483_n