Second hand treasures

Garbage room diaries…. Excuse to buy more shoes- edition

Well… if you’re anything like me, you can’t possibly have enough pairs of fabulous shoes.  My latest garbage find will help to organize my collection neatly, by colour and style.  This cast iron shoe rack is in perfect condition and fits perfectly into my closet.  Another amazing garbage find, that is incredibly useful and will come in very handy for years to come.


Garbage Room Diaries: Apple edition


I know… this is getting ridiculous. Like seriously people…

I scooped up this amazing garbage find last week.  I’ve always wanted one of these i Home docking stations and better yet, they included the i pod.  Fully loaded with a great mix of music of all eras and genres.  Not to mention the two chargers and three pretty classic DVD’s.  Okay… maybe not 27 dresses, but I couldn’t just leave it there all alone!


Garbage room diaries… My latest finds

I was lucky on my trip to the garbage room yesterday.  I managed to find this really cool salt rock lamp in perfect working condition.  It just so happens to fit perfectly in the shelving unit that I found in the garbage last year.  My bedroom is basically made up completely of garbage finds, other than my bed because that’s just gross.  I also spotted this handy little rhyming dictionary, I’ve been known to write a poem or two and this will make rhyming a little easier.  10639528_572316306205793_4178150911992356483_n


Tea cup candles


When I first laid eyes on these adorable little tea cup and saucer candles, my DIY wheels started turning.  What a wonderful way to blend my love for candles and secondhand shopping into one inexpensive, personalized creation.  I’ll admit… I find it hard to walk by the tea cup isle at Value Village and Goodwill stores and not stop to browse.  There is something about those odd, mismatched little patterns and delicate bone china handles that screams BUY ME.  My tea cup collection has grown over the years… and yes, I love drinking tea.  However, I’ve discovered that it’s rare that I’ll call a bunch of girls over to sip earl grey and eat tiny sandwiches.  My ladies nights usually consist of bricks of gourmet cheese, crackers and several glasses of heavy red wine.  Lets be real, after a nights like these… a little tea cup isn’t going to cut it.  I usually need a large bottomless mug with a cheesy saying on it like “I only drink wine in days that end with Y.”  So I guess what I’m saying is… what the heck am I going to do with all of these tea cups and my growing obsession to acquire more?

The answer… Make candles!

Have a look at how fabulous these tea cup candles are.  What a perfect gift to give to your guests if you’re hosting a dinner party, bridal shower, or a tea (or wine) party.

Try this out at home!





Garbage room diaries… Wing back recliner edition.


I know… this is getting ridiculous.

I had perfect timing when checking out the garbage room this weekend.  I pushed the door open to find this beautiful vintage wingback chair with a reclining footstool.  I was waiting for someone to jump out with a camera crew and tell me that I was participating in a new episode of Punk’d or something similar.  These chairs are easily worth $1000 and the fabric is in perfect condition to top it all off.  This one will go down in history as my favourite garbage find.  I steam cleaned the fabric and gave it an intense vacuum… now it’s ready to be enjoyed for years to come.