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Trend Alert {2015} High contrast pattern mixing

942140e4366406a29b073393fdd79768 Summer/Spring 2015 style is all about having fun with your wardrobe.  Your closet might already be full of stripes, florals, dots and plaids, but you probably only typically wear one patterned piece at a time. This season, step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of prints and patterns.  When done right, mixed prints can look fabulously high- fashion and breathe new life into your wardrobe.  The key to becoming comfortable with mixing patterns is to select a base colour and pick very different patterns in the same family that wont compete with each other.  Have a look at these examples of high contrast pattern mixing and try it yourselves!


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What’s trending… backpack fashion

You don’t have to be going back to school to appreciate the backpack, one of my favorite fall fashion trends. But are you ready to let go of your handbag? Not me. So these top-handle backpacks are my version of handbag perfection. Part backpack, part ladylike satchel.  Strap it to your back when you’re feeling nostalgic, sling it over one shoulder to rock it like a tote, and rest it on your forearm or in the palm of your hand when you’re channeling your inner school girl.

Regardless of whether your bag perches on your back, shoulder, forearm, or fist, have a look at the top-handle backpack below and be creative with your carryall!






Artist to watch: Jacqueline Poirier


It was sometime last year, that I noticed these fabulous plates while visiting my sister-in-law at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto.  I later learned that these beautiful creations were individually hand painted by Jacqueline Poirier, a toronto based artist.  She paints everything from food and pets to people and city street signs.  Her attention to detail is incredible as she transforms a simple dinner plate into a one of a kind treasure.  Custom orders are available.  Contact Jacqueline for a quote.

About the artist:

Jacqueline Poirier offers unique hand-painted charger plates, inspired by her love of art and penchant for individuality. Choose from her current collection, or custom-order your own personalized designs and portraits. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate and special events – plate art is the perfect gift for any occasion! The colourful and eye-catching designs are also a unique and decorative addition to any restaurant interior or formal table setting.

Poirier is currently on display and in collaboration with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Toronto, in one of the city’s newest fine dining establishments, TOCA Restaurant. Her work can also be seen in various locations throughout Toronto and New York City, and has been featured in publications such as The National Post, the Globe and Mail, and Now Magazine. A graduate of the esteemed Ontario College of Art and Design, Poirier specializes in custom and commissioned art works – and she shares her love of “plArt” with you!

Instagram: @thecrazyplatelady
Twitter: @jacquelineap
iPhone APP: Jacqueline Poirier

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