garbage treasures

Garbage Room Diaries: Apple edition


I know… this is getting ridiculous. Like seriously people…

I scooped up this amazing garbage find last week.  I’ve always wanted one of these i Home docking stations and better yet, they included the i pod.  Fully loaded with a great mix of music of all eras and genres.  Not to mention the two chargers and three pretty classic DVD’s.  Okay… maybe not 27 dresses, but I couldn’t just leave it there all alone!


Garbage room diaries… Wing back recliner edition.


I know… this is getting ridiculous.

I had perfect timing when checking out the garbage room this weekend.  I pushed the door open to find this beautiful vintage wingback chair with a reclining footstool.  I was waiting for someone to jump out with a camera crew and tell me that I was participating in a new episode of Punk’d or something similar.  These chairs are easily worth $1000 and the fabric is in perfect condition to top it all off.  This one will go down in history as my favourite garbage find.  I steam cleaned the fabric and gave it an intense vacuum… now it’s ready to be enjoyed for years to come.





Garbage room diaries… A room full of junk



This is for all of you non believers out there… TRASH is treasure.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been collecting items from various garbage rooms and incorporating them into my space.  There is nothing better than finding something for free and having it fit seamlessly into your home.  Maybe the Garbage Gods are on my side… but I’ve had some serious luck when it comes to other people’s junk.  Over the past few days, I redecorated the den of our condo. I challenged myself to see how many second-hand pieces I could use in one room.  When it comes to interior decor, you can affordably transform any space by simply moving around furniture and buying a few inexpensive accents from Ikea or secondhand shops.

Example: You may walk by a brown ceramic owl statue tucked away on one of the shelves at Value Village, priced at $1.99.  That same exact statue, painted matte white or black will be $45 at Home Outfitters.  Frames, statues and shelves are all items that can be completely transformed with a couple of coats of paint.  Little accents like this are what makes a room/home unique and original.  Don’t be so quick to overlook those pieces that can be easily transformed.

Have a look below at all of the arrows, these are my garbage finds from over the years.

photo 3-2


Garbage room diaries- Handy man edition



I will no longer struggle when hanging, screwing or assembling.  Thanks to a lovely little trip to the garbage room this morning… I am now a proud owner of a 12 volt, cordless, Dewalt drill.  After a little online research, I was shocked to find the exact same drill going for $150.00.

I know a lot of you are wondering what the catch is… I wondered the same thing.  After a few hours of charging, the drill is working and ready for action.  Bring it.

Garbage room diaries… April fool’s edition

 April has started off on the right foot.  I was lucky to find this Hemnes Ikea night stand in the garbage room in perfect condition.  It happens to be exactly what I needed to complete my patio decor for the season.  The online price for this exact table is $60… I like the sound of free much better.

Happy hunting!