trash is treasure

Garbage room diaries- Handy man edition



I will no longer struggle when hanging, screwing or assembling.  Thanks to a lovely little trip to the garbage room this morning… I am now a proud owner of a 12 volt, cordless, Dewalt drill.  After a little online research, I was shocked to find the exact same drill going for $150.00.

I know a lot of you are wondering what the catch is… I wondered the same thing.  After a few hours of charging, the drill is working and ready for action.  Bring it.

Garbage room diaries… April fool’s edition

 April has started off on the right foot.  I was lucky to find this Hemnes Ikea night stand in the garbage room in perfect condition.  It happens to be exactly what I needed to complete my patio decor for the season.  The online price for this exact table is $60… I like the sound of free much better.

Happy hunting!



Garbage room diaries… Early March edition

March is here and the garbage room is full of good finds.  I was able to grab these 4 round mirrors and this bamboo room divider.  As you can possibly imagine… I’m starting to run out of space in my condo for all of these garbage finds.  I’ve recently decided to post a few of these items on Kijiji to see if I have any luck making a profit from these freebies.   I posted this bamboo room divider and was able to sell it for $30.00.  I’m debating quitting my day job and making the ‘Garbage room diaries’ a full-time gig.

Stay tuned. 1959347_10153833242965109_1820443395_n-1



Garbage room diaries… February edition

Check out these Torre and Tagus dogwood branch room dividers that I found in the garbage room this evening. Tags attached… these happen match perfectly with the decor of our bedroom. It also matches the birch wood branches and canvas art piece that I scored from the garbage too.

Okay… now I’m bragging.